Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. Swedish bestseller Läckberg’s worthy second thriller set in the coastal town of Fjällbacka (after The Ice Princess) . The Preacher: A Novel (Pegasus Crime) on *FREE* The Ice Princess (Patrik Hedstrom, Book 1) by Camilla Lackberg Hardcover $ The Preacher – Camilla Lackberg. It is unusual for me to review two novels by the same author in succession but then it unusual for me to read.

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I found the premise of this book, which centered around a charlatan evangelical circuit preacher to be an intriguing one.

The plot proceeds with a lot of focus on the personal lives of the detectives as well as on the family members suspected in the recent disappearances just as they were suspected twenty years ago. It had me guessing till the very last chapter Anna camolla an animal without a backbone who, having ths her abusive husband meekly goes back to him as a result of one act of aggression I will not spoil by describing.

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The Preacher | Book by Camilla Läckberg | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

She spends all her time rearranging photo albums from the days when she was a beauty queen. Personally, I would have loved to know what happened with her novel and her biography of Selma Lagerlof… Finally, in terms of the writing style, I was a bit weary of a resource used by the author of presenting a character finding out something important or facing a difficult situation… and then changing to another scene with other characters… like leaving us with a cliffhanger for a couple of pages.

Prese anche l’elmo da cavaliere e la spada di legno, che fece oscillare felice mentre percorreva di corsa i cento metri dalla casa all’imbocco di Kungsklyftan En ook Erica heeft in Predikant niet zo’n groot aandeel.


So, basically this book isn’t as eye-rolling as the previous one, and we can focus more on what is important: I will certainly read more of them.

The Preacher starts with a six-year-old boy finds the body of a woman.

Mi ha inoltre emozionata e mi ha fatta sentire vicina ai personaggi, come fossero amici o conoscenti. While the plot was interesting I did lackbeeg all the way through lackber the endit wasn’t enough to overcome how annoyed I was by the rest of the book.

Although it was all still too unreal for her to be able to picture it. I would have rated it higher, but I felt that the use of the “omniscient” narrator sometimes got in the way of the story. This seems unfair–if the suspense requires elements of the plot to be hidden, keep them hidden from lackbrrg characters, too.

However, the way in which she practically runs the station seems far-fetched to me, and her ability to browbeat our hero Patrik does not ring true. Whatever the outcome, the writing itself had me wanting to toss the book across the room.

Seventeen years flickered quickly past like in some sort of internal film.

Especially when it was so cold. What Jakob wanted from Johan when he beat him? Characters frequently open letters or receive phone calls that change everything–and they tell us that it changes everything–but the reader doesn’t get to see the letters or hear the person on the other end of the phone delivering the bombshell.

If the characters find out who’s to blame, why not let the reader canilla, too? I’m not sure if these words just flow better in Swedish, or if perhaps the translator didn’t lavish proper attention on this book. To be honest, right now it was hard to see beyond the problem of no longer being able to sleep on her stomach. Notify me of new comments via email.


This adds two new dynamics though as we get a new cast of characters, like the brilliant Annika who thw it all together and the more complex Martin and Gosta. Mellberg went on obliviously.

The Preacher

The immediate mystery is that the body of a young missing woman is found in a gorge in a scenic tourist area dumped off a cliff. Then we find the cause for this, which I found funny, but after that Mellberg kind of disappears and I was left wondering how did he solve his “little problem”. The fact that envolved a feuding family, with secrets and a heavy connection to a religious group, made everything even more interesting. A knight of the Round Table, like in the big, fancy colored book that his grandmother had given him for his birthday.

THE PREACHER – Camilla Läckberg

Detective Patrik Hedstrom is enjoying some quiet holiday time at home with his pregnant girlfriend Erica Falck. When yet another young girl disappears and panic begins to spread, Patrik leads a desperate manhunt to track down a ruthless serial killer before he strikes again. Tell us what you like, so lackbwrg can send you books you’ll love.

But despite this “doormaty” aspect of Erica’s personality, she wasn’t as annoying as in The Ice Princess. She seemed like part of the scenery. Well, I suppose one gets a little anal ths around looking for fibers with tweezers all day long. Igoni Barrett 1 A. Also, the descriptions of Erica and Patrick seemed just like a filler.