Is skrill safe

is skrill safe

Hi, I have been using paypal for years now but I am having some problems with them, and I am also using payza, but currently I started using. This user bought BTC from me and sent euro to my Skrill account, but a couple days later the Skrill staff blocked my account and. Id like to start a shop (not only swapping) and would like to use skrill. Is it safe with anybody? Whats the problems with using it if there is some?. This is the worst company to negotiate that I have experienced in several years. January 25, at Beware Never use skrill. Stop Hidden Fees says: Together we can move the industry in a positive direction. Gegen eine kleine Gebühr bild texterkennung online man hier vor allem schnell! UsedToBitcoin on November 14, Sadly, their Customer Service Department has a Very Bad Habit Of Lying And Giving Out False Information To Their Skrill Holdings, Inc. I just hate Skrill! Skrill can not be trusted. I used them to transfer funds from an Istockphoto account. You may use one reliably today, only for it to disappoint you the next time. NytrixJan 16, is skrill safe Jan 17, Posts: Zwischenzeitlich läuft die Karte in 10 Tagen 7 Werktagen aus und es ist noch immer keine neue da. Als ich nach 2 Tagen mein Skrill Konto checkte, musste ich feststellen, dass ohne jegliche Benachrichtigung, geschweigedenn einer Begründung der "Vorgang abgebrochen" worden war. AND STILL NO ANSWEAR. I made an account and successfully attached my credit and debit card. No reply from Support via email or Twitter.

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Mobile payments made easy with Skrill I could have lost much more than that. I first tried to fund my account using credit cards and then debit cards. Ich also schön die Ruhe bewahrt, wieder eine Mail in english geschrieben, mein Problem erneut geschildert und um eine Rückmeldung gebeten. The purpose of this transaction is for users to check out their bank statement and then enter the amount charged in a box in their online account. Feb 1, Posts: The sum you have in the Skrill account is the one available on the credit card, so you only need to get online to find out how much cash is available. He can withdraw the cash straight from a local bank account or transfer it to a different bank account.

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Please contact us with any queries or concerns here. Richten Sie sich jetzt Ihren kostenfreien Account ein! AVOID THIS SHONKY SITE AT ALL COSTS. I lost my money at Skrill. Whether they had money readily available for online shopping or used the accounts to transfer funds to their friends for various purposes, they found no reason to shut it down. For more info, including how to claim your BCH optional , see here. Well Then Why Does It State Es soll verhindert werden wieder ein Konto zu eröffnen. Is anyone else this offering? I verified with the Skrill backend my address was correct, but the payments still failed. Do not send money through skrill. Fortunately my card company sent me an email reporting possible fraud so I was able to fix the problem quickly.


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