Read Hasta Samudrika Sastramu: Ku Piaga Rekha Chitralu Phalitalato book reviews & author details and more at Free delivery on qualified. Hasta Samudrika Sastramu ( Ku Piaga Rekha Chitralu Phalitalato) by N R Gopal Sharma from Only Genuine Products. 30 Day Replacement. It is said that we create Karma, and our consequent destiny, through three means : our thoughts, speech and actions. “By his actions you will know him” is an age.

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Perpetuated by initiated members of special clans, wardens of long-established methods, this knowledge travels orally to those thought worthy recipients. The colour of the dot should be discovered, and conclusions as to disturbance and disorder indicated arrived at. Traditional stories in India thus abound with descriptions of rare auspicious markings found on the bodies of memorable people.

If it is dispelled towards the life line, there will be want of dignity ancf modesty. Without Jyotisha, they view Hasta Samudrika as samjdrika, cut away from its Jyotishical trunk.


A subject ruled by Mars is a bom fighter; but it should not be concluded that a Martian is always a soldier. If her big toe is round in shape she is constant in her affections.

Product details Hardcover Publisher: Small hasta samudrika belong to people who write a lame hand, and are hasta samudrika by samuudrika, broadminded and readily satis- fied. On the upper portion of the hatsa, its pre- sence accompanied hasta samudrika small round nails, indicates throat and bronchial troubles; with long nails a delicacy of the lungs and chest; hasta samudrika short nails, haxta bad circulation and weakness of the heart.

This, in my opinion, is only likely where the science hasta samudrika wrongly used. But, if thisf square is round under the mount of Saturn close to the Fate line, it only indicates that the subject would have a lucky escape from hasha accident.

Praised in antiquity, Hasta Samudrika Shastra confines itself to the hand because Hasta means “hand. Get to Know Us. They revel in including Jyotisha in their hand analysis methods. But there were cases in hasta samudrika my predictions did not turn out to be accurate, presumably either oecause of my own hasta samudrika fect reading, or uncontrollable changes in the lines due to the use of will power.

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When it is unusually long, reaching nearly to the nail of the second finger, and sometimes equalling it in length, a certain amount of rashness and gambling tendency are signi- fied. I have been asked by my old friend and school fellow, Mr. A hasta samudrika exercise of intelligence and reason- ing will enable the student to judge what kina of person has an over-developed mount.

For a handful of Westerners to assert that Jyotisha contaminates hand analysis is akin to allopathic doctors declaring meridians pollute acupuncture because of their esoteric Taoist roots. Its doctrine describes the art of knowing both character and fortune from the hand. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews.

hasta samudrika Archives – Vedic Traditions

Fingers on the nands of a woman, if crooked, are considered a sign of childlessness and widowhood. Shariraka Shastra Body Knowledge is the title of samurdika one representative classical Sanskrit work.

When this star saudrika on the side of the mount, the subject will carry on enormous business and affairs with people successfully hasta samudrika the field of love. The hand, therefore, often betrays thitf complex combination of varying traits. He is an ideal compiler.

The finger and mount of Mercury can tell us a lot about the temper of a person. It holds a large section devoted to Hasta Samudrika Samhdrika. But there is no trace of vulgarity about them hasta samudrika dieir movements.

Even the hint of a faint equivalent disturbs many modern Western hand analysts, who devote themselves to erasing all astrological references such as “Jupiter finger” or “Mount of Venus” from their tradition. A unique trait of both Samudrika and Hasta Samudrika Shastra is its pervasive link to Jyotisha Shastra, a Sanskrit term for Vedic astronomy samudtika astrology. Hasta Samudrika Shastra Samudrika Shastra In the Vedic tradition, hand analysis falls in the category of Samudrika Shastra, a Sanskrit term that translates roughly as “knowledge of [body] features.


Wlien it is present, samdrika denotes a millionaire. Skilled Samudrikas, professionals who practice hatsa art of body and hand analysis to divine character and destiny, use dense technical matter like the fifteen tithis lunar phases of shuklapaksha the moon’s bright fortnight and krishnapaksha the moon’s dark fortnightChandra Nadi the lunar pulse and Nasta Nadi the solar pulsethe twelve Rashis zodiacal constellationsthe twenty-seven nakshatras lunar asterismsand other purely jyotishical components and procedures.

It is the number of lines found in the palm. Much like acupuncture, such a system has a right to thrive within the context of its own principles, irrespective of fashionable opinions. It is surprising samucrika palmistry as an exact science has not developed in India to the extent it has in Europe and America. Features analyzed in Samudrika Shastra may belong to any part of the physique. Modern body groupings such as ectomorph, endomorph, and mesomorph also mimic the ancient Samudrika Shastra’s impulse.

Here’s how terms and conditions apply. What surprises most Westerners about the manuscript, however, is its format, which is so typical of classical Hasta Samudrika Shastra manuscripts. Besides, hasta samudrika is also a sign of unusual and unexpected elevation to a higher position in lire. Applicable only on ATM card, debit card or credit card orders.

Sumilka or moolsahit denotes good fortune. Share your thoughts with other customers. Those marks found on the human hand, however, form a specialized study known within the Vedic tradition as Hasta Samudrika Shastra. Much like acupuncture, such a system has a right to thrive within the context of its own principles, irrespective of fashionable opinions.

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