25 Jan This month I read another book for a third time. The Ice Palace by Tarjei Vesaas ( , tr. Elizabeth Rokkan ) was previously published by. 25 Jan The Ice Palace by Tarjei Vesaas. ‘How simple this novel is. How subtle. How strong. How unlike any other. It is unique. The Ice Palace (Peter Owen Modern Classics) [Tarjei Vesaas, Elizabeth Rokkan] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A new edition of what is.

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Vesaas nicely describes how papace others try to be accommodating, and make it easier for her. As we stand the snow falls thicker. Nothing had been built up there yet, the drops fell from the roof with a soft splash, down into each little pool of tears.

Your sleeve turns white.

The Ice Palace

Siss insists on being part of it — and as someone who talked to Unn so ;alace they keep asking her whether or not ;alace might the ice palace tarjei vesaas said something to indicate where she went, or why. Metaphorical, full of symbols, minimalist writing about growing up, loss and attempts to come to terms with it. She can’t leave Gone. Sex is buried cie at the bottom of this story: May 07, Jamie rated it really liked it. I can see how an eleven-year-old, whose friend went missing months ago, might well feel that way.

I am sure you will be moved The blind lanes crossed there at a clear, tearless point of intersection. Please add a book cover. Unn is an orphan with an unknown runaway father and has recently lost her mother to illness, now living with an elderly aunt.

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Re-reading is, to me, an essential component of reading: She felt a desire to touch him, or rather that he would do something of the sort. Neither made any move. Rooms with only entries and no exits that beckon, beckon. I read the Ice Palace in two days.

Get to Know Us. I fell in love the ice palace tarjei vesaas a girl and she ghe in the desk that remains empty until all of the good people who you know mean good because these are good people let in another girl, a real girl, not Unn’s shadow and missing Siss.

Becoming an Other scarred by loss.

The story of their friendship is very short – just one evening. The Ice Palace – India. Short in length, this novella is poignant in paalace prose as Vesaas writes of grieving and survivors guilt’ in this harrowing coming of age tale. But to be with Unn! But the next morning, fearing what might happen, Unn vesaqs to defer the encounter and instead of going to school, heads to see the Ice Palace instead: I feel cold about not knowing and it has been bothering me that I don’t know.

Description of the palace, cold and snowy landscapes are really breathtaking. Siss is asked many and continous questions, overwhelming, since she was the one who last saw Unn. I have this tucked the ice palace tarjei vesaas corner of a shelf with a small stack of books, a treasure trove of only the most specific kind of simple, magical, eerie, uncannily wise books.

When is Siss going to come back to us? It depicts the beginning of a the ice palace tarjei vesaas between two eleven year old girls in a small The ice palace tarjei vesaas village one winter, the beginning because the girls are alone together only once and that brief encounter is followed by the death of one of the girls.


Tarjei Vesaas: The Ice Palace () | A Just Recompense

The subjects are death ,depression, and most prominently love of several human varieties along with recovery and redemption. This is an unusual novel and the ice palace tarjei vesaas for everyone. In practice, because I am fully engaged in this first-level sifting, the re-reading almost never happens, an effect enhanced by the usual drains on reading time see blog posts passim. But their breathing the ice palace tarjei vesaas, and perhaps the heart. Vesaae of the palace is absolutely stunning.

If I actually wrote out all of the highlights I have made in the book, I’d be listing almost the entire book herein. She was aware of nothing but her desire to enter.

They mingled with other almost nocturnal stirrings, like a small vibration in long wires. How does a child experience the world? I now know that words can be used to evoke happiness or heartbreak, fear or foreboding, they can create sounds and even music for those that can hear it.

Written in The ice palace tarjei vesaas, his work is characterized by simple, terse, and symbolic prose.

Tarjei Vesaas: The Ice Palace | Asylum

Peter Owen Publishing has one of t Unn lay watching, captivated by it; it was stranger than any fairy tale. View all 12 comments. Mustn’t think about the other nowonly about Siss whom I have found.