27 Feb This is in romanized sanskrit according to IAST standard. View this in plain english. Author: yogi vemana. talapulona galugu dā daivame. This app is to provide easy access to Vemana satakam ( poems) and it’s meaning in simple Verse ‘s original full text is presented in English. Verses of Vemana, translated by C.P. Brown at

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Verses of Vemana Index

Practice helps accomplishment of tasks. Then, he makes a deduction that wealth and penury are inevitable for everybody. The same principle will apply to violations of axiomatic advices of ethics, sattakam by sages. These sacrifices were called yagnams and yAgams. Mind is the root for deliverance vemana satakam in english divinity.

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Yet, he cannot shed evil character and designs. He says that we should give up the quality of violence in all its forms and specially killing of vemana satakam in english. There are two ways in which vemana satakam in english nyAsam can work. What purpose will Shiva worships serve without purity of mind and intellect? To appreciate something one must go through it. This is a difficult question. Some worms are born in froth. A person who gives push and life lin life is a peerless donor.

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We should rather slay the deadly beasts of ignorance roaming in the jungles of our mind[1]. Money is like a raging fire. A person who misbehaves incestuously, forgetting customs, satwkam, courtesies, is destined for harm. He gets nothing from that behaviour.


Offered to a poor person is accepted happily. It further limps only on two legs. What for is vemana satakam in english custom rituals without purity of soul? Mere vicarious understanding cannot take the place of experience. They suffer when the body abstains from food. The true experience and philosophy is: They may be totally divergent.

The human magnet is, in one sense, diametrically opposed to the ordinary magnet.

Culture is also a delusion and illusion. He does not look around. He is present in all. Deliverance for man is like a flower getting sweet scent. One must behave knowing these.

The gems of his wisdom were, apparently, the effervescences from his emotions, recollected in tranquility, when he vemana satakam in english under trees, semi-naked. When abused by others, he does not bother or retort. Yet, when it bites[1], it hurts badly. It limps with three legs.


It must rank first. It cannot appreciate rose water or scent. Yogada Vemana satakam in english Society of India, p Same way, people who harm others and enrich themselves, their lives become obnoxious.

It seduces the surroundings. Satakak by ybr alias ybrao a donkey at 6: Tough person need not be knave:

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